InFox Plugin

InFox is an extension for Mozilla Firefox® which uses NetInf as a platform for secure and highly available web contents. Instead of using normal HTTP links, you can link to an IO. This brings NetInf’s advantages to the World Wide Web.

Install the latest version

Note: InFox is developed for some older Firefox version. It still works in current Firefox versions (tested up to Firefox v13.0), however, as a standard setting, Firefox will check each plugin for the "Firefox compatibility version number" and will reject the InFox plugin. To make it work with the latest Firefox versions, you have to turn off the version checking. You can find a step-by-step tutorial here how to do this (adjust the tutorial with the version of your Firefox browser!).

You can try some InFox features by clicking the links on the right side (Try InFox).

What to expect: If the InFox plugin is installed, the first two links should direct you to a special demo page. There you can try further features of OpenNetInf and InFox. If the InFox plugin is not (properly) installed, the first link will result in a Firefox error message stating that the link type is unknown (as expected). Thanks to its compatibility feature, the second link will "work properly" by redirecting you to a dedicated error page with more information about installing the InFox plugin.