Applications Overview

You can download and test the following NetInf-enabled applications:

  • InFox - a Mozilla Firefox® plugin to access and browse NetInf-enabled websites.
    Benefits: Inherent security checks like data integrity and data owner authentication; inherent server load balancing; traffic reduction in the network.
  • InBird - a Mozilla Thunderbird® plugin that enables to use NetInf Information Objects (IO) to represent people and use them instead of email adresses.
    Benefits: Persistent email address; single point of data mgmt.; data integrity of contact data. People using InBird and your personal IO will always have a persistent email address to contact you. You will not have to inform them about a changing email address but simply change the email attribute in your personal IO.
  • NetInf Management Tool - A tool to create, edit, and publish your own Information Objects in the NetInf network.

All applications use our NetInf testbed.