This page gives you information about contributing to the OpenNetInf project. You can contribute by using the code and reporting errors or you can contribute as a developer.

Contributing as a developer and/or academic

If you want to work with the OpenNetInf code in depth (e.g., adding features, improving the code) and think that your contributions might be valuable to other users and developers of OpenNetInf, please contact us (via this form).

As OpenNetInf is an academic project, there is also some interesting academic work behind it. If you are a student of the University of Paderborn, you might want to ask for openings regarding a Master and Bachelor theses at the Networking Research Group. If you work on similar topics, please feel free to contact us regarding knowledge exchange and collaboration.

Contributing as a user/issue reporter

If you want to use the OpenNetInf code and/or make small adjustments and contributions, please feel free to contact us as well. If you prefer non-interactive contribution, please report any problems you might encounter through our issue tracker at Google Code (available here).