Welcome to the information-centric future of the Internet: the Network of Information (NetInf).

On this site, you will find information about the Network of Information project that develops an information-centric architecture for the future Internet. Read on to learn more about the information-centric approach that can solve many of today's Internet problems.

You can go ahead and test the NetInf architecture: the code of our implementation called OpenNetInf is published as open source project. You can also find some NetInf applications that build upon the NetInf network and can provide the NetInf benefits to users and network providers. We also host and provide the NetInf core services for testing purposes so that you can go ahead and test the Network of Information.

This project is at a very early stage with the focus on research. Hence, neither the OpenNetInf implementation and applications nor the NetInf core services are stable and are currently only published for research purposes. Please be aware of those limitations.

This project is developed at the University of Paderborn and led by Christian Dannewitz. It is also part of the EU projects 4WARD and SAIL. If you have questions, please feel free to contact us.