NetInf Infrastructure

We host and provide some nodes running the main NetInf services based on the OpenNetInf implementation for testing purposes. These services can be used to test NetInf. Connecting to the services is done via the NetInf interface (see documentation).

Attention! This is an experimental setup and subject to restarts and data losses at the admins discretion. Please make sure that you have a possibility to restore the data you uploaded there if you need it again. Should the system be unavailable, please contact us so we can fix it. Please also note: this setup is currently not running the latest version of the code for internal reasons.

Connecting to the NetIf main services will typically be done by running a local NetInf node (or using the virtual NetInf nodes that we provide for testing purposes).
We currently provide the following three NetInf services:

Name Resolution Services

The Name Resolution Service is the core NetInf service to store and retrieve Information Objects (IOs) and to resolve NetInf identifiers into locators (e.g. URLS).
We currently provide a P2P-based Name Resolution Service with three accessible nodes:


Search Services

NetInf Search Services enable to search for Information Objects based on, e.g., content, metadata like GPS coordinates, or semantics. A NetInf Search Service is an extention to the NetInf network and diverse addtional Search Services can be provided for NetInf.
We currently provide two semantic Search Services that accept SPARQL-based queries for Information Objects:


Event Services

Event Services are also extensions to NetInf. An Event Service provides the possibility to register for changes at a certain (group of) Information Object(s) and to receive events when a change occurs. Several different Event Services can be provided with NetInf.
We currently provide a SIENA-based Event Service with two accessible nodes:


Infrastructure Overview

Overview of the OpenNetInf infrastructure

Note: Arrows in the figure show some example communications but do not illustrate all possible communications between involved players for clarity reasons. NetInf nodes (i.e., nodes running an (Open)NetInf process) are marked with the NetInf logo.