Open Source SW

NetInf Software after SAIL

There is now an Erlang NetInf Router developed and is soon expected to be released as open source. It has been used together with an Android client for live streaming, e.g. at the Cross-country Ski World Cup in Falun 2015.  Also the Android clientes is expected to soon be made available as open source.

In the meantime it is possible to download the Android client and try it out. It will publish towards a live NetInf testbed that is up and running. Just download the apk and install it on your Android ( you need to allow it to install from untrusted sources...). Download link: NetInf LiveStreamer App

SAIL NetInf Software

SAIL has developed a rich set of prototype implementations of the NetInf protocol and corresponding applications. A significant fraction of these implementations have been released under Open Source Software licenses and are used by the ICN community for experiments and new research activities.

NetInf Software on SourceForge

The SAIL project has released an open-source (subject to the Apache v.2 license) set of tools for NetInf. These implement various aspects of the NetInf protocol in different languages. At the time of writing, there are C, Python, PHP: Ruby, Clojure and Java implementations with the Python, Puby and PHP code having seen the most development so far.

SAIL OpenNetInf

The OpenNetInf prototype is building on and extending earlier work from the 4WARD project. OpenNetInf is a proof-of-concept implementation of the major NetInf elements, including the NetInf API, inter-NetInf-node interface, information model, naming concepts, security concepts, name resolution, caching, and data transfer. The goal is to evaluate the major NetInf design choices and the overall NetInf architecture in practice. OpenNetInf contains an hierarchical name resolution system (MDHT-based) and integrated caching functionality.  Another focus is on the NetInf API and on the inter-NetInf-node interface. The software contain browser plugins and video streaming software.

Global Information Network (GIN)

GIN is a hybrid ICN architecture able to support both dissemination and conversational communication models. It uses a stateless packet-based forwarding protocol, called GINP (GIN Protocol). GIN aims to interconnect Named Data Objects (NDOs) over heterogeneous L3/L2 underlayers, in the global network, by means of an integrated name-based resolution and routing mechanism.

Android Client Software

SAIL has developed an implementation of the NetInf protocol for the Android mobile OS. The implementation supports publishing, or registering, Named Data Objects (NDOs) to NetInf infrastructure, sharing NDOs over Bluetooth, and obtaining NDOs over HTTP or Bluetooth Convergence Layers (CLs). The implementation reuses some components from OpenNetInf. It runs as an Android service and provides a local HTTP-based API to applications so that many applications can benefit from NetInf functionality.