SAIL Network of Information (NetInf) is an Information-centric Networking (ICN) approach.

The basic idea of ICN is to move away from today's host-centric networks where we name boxes (or their interfaces) with IP-addresses and move to a networking architecture where the information objects (web pages, movies, sensor data, people, devices, etc.) themselves are named with globally unique names and these named data objects (NDO) becomes the primary components of the network architecture. This makes it possible to request an NDO from the network by name and retrieve the object from the nearest available cache. This will relieve many of the problems in today's network related to capacity problems (especially for flash crowd scenarios) and denial of service attacks.

The idea of focusing on the information objects instead of the boxes in the network is very much what is done in today's network in the form of application specific overlays (e.g. CDNs, BitTorrent, Skype, Spotify). In ICN the idea is to include caching and p2p functionality into the basic networking service in an application independent way. This should allow operators to provide a much more potent networking service than pure bit-piping. Also this higher ICN API based on NDOs including caching and p2p functionality should enable faster application development as well as easier cross-application reuse of data.

This page will detail information about SAIL NetInf except OpenSource code that will be at the top level.