Network of Information (NetInf) is one proposed approach for Information-Centric Networking (ICN).

ICN is putting information in the form of named data objects in the center of networking.  Named data combined with caching as part of the network infrastructure allow ICN to make CDN and peer-to-peer functionalities part of the basic network service. In today's Internet, which by contrast is host-centric, these functionalities are provided as application specific overlay networks such as Akamai CDN, BitTorrent, Spotify and Skype.

The NetInf architecture approach targets global-scale communication and supports many different types of networks and deployments, including traditional Internet access/core network configurations, data centers, as well as challenged and infrastructure-less networks. NetInf’s approach to connecting different technology and administrative domains into a single information-centric network is based on a hybrid name-based routing and name resolution scheme.

For more details see NetInf overview.

NetInf was initially conceived in the FP7 project 4WARD, you find more information and results from that project under  4WARD NETINF.

NetInf has evolved further during the FP7 project SAIL, you find more information and results from that project under SAIL NETINF.

If you want to try NetInf out yourself you find the most current open source software under OPEN SOURCE SW.